What’s New for PawnSnap!

Version 2.2.1

August 14, 2019

Transfer Inventory feature, transfer items in or out to other shops

Military Lending Act website updates, save the sign-in credentials in PawnSnap

Forfeit Items Wizard, added back button to edit/review items

Help tab added 

Redesign of several screens including new pawns & buys screens

Cash Payments screen prints a receipt for employee signature

Cash Payments screen has the same list of accounting choices for both cash in & cash out

Enhancements to Forfeit Items screen, filter by categories

Inventory List screen, new search columns added to column chooser, Ebay #, Gunbroker # & OfferUp Id

Forfeit Items screen, new search columns added to column chooser, Orig #, Prev #, Alternate #, Orig Amount, Phone, Mailer Sent, Text Sent

Customer List Report, ability to filter by tax exempt customers

Metals Calculator can be setup to show values with currency exchange rates

Option to extend or not extend the next layaway payment due

New screen to show status of the shop's cloud backups

Layaway payments support on pawn-pay.com

Support for GoDex G500 label printer


Version 2.1.8

June 3, 2019

Autosuggest boxes for: Customer City, Employer, Item Model, Gun Size/Length, Jewelry Size/Length

Drivers license scanning fixes for Illinois & North Carolina

Cash drawer closing, new summary report


Version 2.1.7

May 23, 2019

Ability to apply a discount percentage for pawn payments

New Report, disposed guns for a date range

Vender product code prints on the Inventory Re-Order Report

Business profile for customers

Custom (user defined) fields for customers

New customer lookup, 'Referred by'


Version 2.1.6

May 13, 2019

Ability to make hourly data backups securely to the cloud, please call to subscribe

Integration with OfferUp, post inventory items to the OfferUp App

Real time police reporting, transactions are sent as they occur

Enhancements for Florida pawns, refund prepaid service charges & misc fixes to ticket printing

Increased font size on 2.25x1.25 inventory tags

Ability to  collect & track sales use for FFL Transfer transactions

Print 3" layaway receipts for payments

SMS reply with 'STOP' will now automatically mark the customer as 'do not send' texts

Vendor product code field added to column chooser for Find Inventory

New Report, Inventory History for all items by date range

New Report, Account Balances - print pawn, buy, inventory & layaway balances for date range


Version 2.1.5

March 29, 2019

Fixed scanning some Washington Id's

New feature, popup screen to show location of redeemed pawn items

Maintenance release, other fixes and minor improvements


Version 2.1.4

March 19, 2019

Online pawn payments integration with pawn-pay.com

Texas pawns. PawnSnap is now available for Texas.

Texas Features: Memorandum of Extension, state required loan disposition reports and more

Ability to setup SMS text reminders to auto-send daily

Ability to choose remittance type for cash pay out/in

Option to un-assign users from cash drawers when closing drawers

Larger fonts on the 2.25x1.25 pawn label

Added totals to find pawns and find buys screens

New report: Users' history

New report: Voided Pawns & Payments

Print customer labels from find customers screen

Added pawn default date to find pawns screen

Improvements to recording police confiscations

Option to setup a timer to auto-logoff due to inactivity

Fixed scanning PA drivers licenses

Lockout user sign in after failed attempts

Pawn item templates, allows faster data entry of common items


Version 2.1.1

QuickBooks integration - allows posting general ledger debits and credits to QuickBooks Online

Improvements for better Patriot Act (SDN - Specially Designated Nationals List) compliance

FinCEN 8300 reporting for excess cash receipts over $10,000

Show bin location for pawn items from various screens including pawn payments and forfeit items

New buttons for 'Undo Redeem' and 'Undo Last Payment' on find pawns screen

New report - Overdue Layaways

New advanced menu option for main page

New option for smaller icons (slim toolbar)

New feature - quick category search for new pawns & buys

New feature - ability to adjust items' amounts on existing pawns & buys


Version 2.0.4

Ability to set store hours, pawning hours in system options

Required minimum days to hold new loans setting

Improvements to items audit feature, added bin location

Performance improvements to: find sales, find carts, find pawn/buy items, find pawns

Item history tab on customer view screen

Added new insert fields for pawn notices

Point of sale display pole shows items and totals to customers

Added inventory 'In Date' to column choices for find inventory

Iowa pawn ticket

Informational message when screen resolution below recommendation

Other fixes and minor improvements


Version 2.0.2

Three flavors of PawnSnap! - Basic, Professional, Ultimate 

Credit card integration, take card payments through a terminal linked to PawnSnap! 

Consignment tracking - add items, pay consignors, new reports, etc 

Convert a pawn to a buy and vice versa 

Pawn fees - monthly firearm fee  

New Pawns/Buys - validation check for expired identification 

Pawn payments - do not allow a pawn redeem in the first X number of days 

Printer settings - ability to choose paper source/tray 

Cash drawer close screen - cash count by denominations 

Items Audit screen - added confirmation sounds 

Ability to choose bin location and resale price as required fields 

Added signature lines to time clock report 

Inventory list report by 'buckets' only 

Cost of Goods Sold Report - filter by category and it prints tendered type 

New report - Inventory List by Vendor 

New report - Vendor Sales 

MLA record request - automatically checks 'I accept' 

Moved 'Reset View' button to top right 



Version 1.2.42

 Added Buys to Items Audit Feature

 Minor updates to GunBroker.com integration

 New Report - Inventory history


 Version 1.2.41

 Ebay enhancements, view item details, relist items, notifications when making sales and more

 Pawns - change pawn term on individual pawns

 Pawns - ability to add additional fees - storage, police, gun, etc (for locales that allow them)

 Pawns - set maximum loan amount in settings

 Pawns/Buys - setup a minimum age for pledgor/seller

 Pawn renewals, ability to give a new ticket number

 Arizona pawn settings

 Texas pawn settings

 Ability to require strong passwords for logins

 Pawn List Report - added voids totals


 Version 1.2.39

 ATF Multiple Gun Sale reporting (ATF 3310.4)

 Ability to choose # of layaway labels to print (or none)

 South Carolina pawn ticket


 Version 1.2.38

 Ability to add shipping/handling fees to sales & layaways

 Enhancements to customer & vendor documents - add from files or scanner

 Transfer firearms to/from other FFL dealers

 Enhancements to user roles.  Added edit gunbook, MLA check, undo layaway payments


 Version 1.2.37

 Split items in Pull Wizard (Forfeit Items)

 New Report - Precious Metals Summary

 Report - Cash Drawer Assignments

 New Report - Inventory Re-order (Order items from vendors)

 Undo pull for Buys

 Send text message to one customer from customer view/edit screen



 Version 1.2.36

 Forfeit date now shows on history and when viewing a pawn

 New report - Buy Report (list of buys made for a date range)

 New report- Forfeited Items (list of pulled items for a date range)

 Ability to take partial pawn service charges payments in the first period

 Cosmetic fixes to pulling wizard screen


Version 1.2.35

Firearms note field will no longer print on customer documents & labels

New layaways have duration selection button on toolbar (30, 60, 90, 120, 150, 180 days)

Voided pawns' items will show on previous items list for new pawns

Full page spanish language cart receipt


Version 1.2.34

New Report - Customer List

New Report - Customer Credits

New Report = Store Credit History

Added ability to print the list of pawn reminder letters mailed

Added ability to customize cash amount buttons

Added Spanish receipts 



Version 1.2.33

Added ability to give customer credit on voids/returns 

Added ability to choose a remittance type on voids/returns

Added ability to edit a cart checkout receipt remittance types

Added Spanish receipts 



Version 1.2.32

Added receipt for extension payment due dates 

Added general label 2.25 x .75

Sales screen now shows cost of item

Added ability to format  phone numbers for international use

Added ability to re-pawn firearms from previous items

Added ability to select previous pawn items to a new buy transaction

Added ability to merge customer records

Added option to print forfeit date on pawn labels



Version 1.2.31

Pawn screen and forfeit items screens show date reminder letter sent

Send reports via e-mail

Added general label 2.25 x .75

Added PayPal remit type

New Report - Income Analysis 

New Report - Items on Police hold or confiscation

Cash drawer report now shows who entered the transaction

Added Kentucky Pawn Ticket 

Fix for international currencies and date formats



Version 1.2.30

New Report - Overdue Pawns Report

Improvements to linking customers during scanning PDF Id barcodes

Added Georgia pawn ticket


Version 1.2.28

Added option to require a reminder letter to be sent before item can be pulled

Added pawn payments report filter by redemptions or extensions

Added new report, Pawn Report, shows all pawns for a date range

Pawn payment history shows date range paid (extensions)

Added ability to extend pawn default date for X number of days from today

Cash drawer balancing now shows all remit types even if zero dollars


Version 1.2.26

Print pawn late notice reminders

Re-print voided, redeemed or forfeited pawns



Version 1.2.25

Two part pawn & buy ticket printing


Version 1.2.23

Text messages for layaways

Print fingerprint on pawn and buy ticket

Take a pawn payment for specified number of days

Stone shape chart

Diamond color chart

Diamond clarity chart

End eBay auction when making a sale

Add notes to individual sale items

Price quote research tool, search store history, eBay.com, Amazon.com, Gunbroker.com

Search customer history

Option to run on premise or hosted on Amazon's AWS Cloud



Version 1.2.22

Create eBay auctions directly from inventory

Analysis report enhancements

Print purchase date or release date on buy labels

Enter Canadian provinces and postal codes



Version 1.2.21

Hotfix for MLA (Military Lending Act) v4.4 website changes

Undo the pickup payment on a layaway

Print payment history on a completed layaway

New report - Voided/Returned Sales



Version 1.2.20

Scrap or Combine Inventory items to a bucket

4473 printing now happens when sending to cart

ATF A&D log-out a gun after hold

Print forfeit list report from the forfeit items screen



Version 1.2.19

Void a sale

Other fixes and minor improvements



Version 1.2.17

Add a note to a sale or layaway

Set quantity for bulk items when pulling

Filter inventory by bin location or bulk status

Other fixes and minor improvements



Version 1.2.16

Fixes and minor improvements



Version 1.2.15

Gold Quote screen. Allows quick add & pricing of gold items to pawns & buys

Better error handling of driver's license 2D scanning

Inventory & pawn items physical audit using barcode gun

Can back date layaways for easy data entry for new stores

Option to require Military Lending Act (MLA )check before making a finishing a pawn transaction

Other fixes and minor improvements



Version 1.2.14

Reprint pawn payment receipt

Reprint pawn redemption receipt

Ohio precious metals reporting



Version 1.2.13

Florida pawn ticket prints the word 'Minimum' for the APR when $5 min is applicable

Military Lending Act (MLA) check can now be called from new pawn screen

Increase pawn amount for active pawns

New report: Cash Activity

Auto logout after completing transactions

New button for Quick Sale (cash customer)  Now two sales buttons, one to select a customer and one to do cash customer

Buys hold period can be defined by Jewelry, Guns or Other item categories

Buys can be pulled straight to inventory during transaction completion if no hold period applies

Pawn contract period can be defined by Jewelry, Guns or Other item categories

New jewelry rat-tail label. (3.5" wide)

Option to print 8.5 x 11 full page layaway receipts



Version 1.2.12

Re-designed receipts layouts

Added phone #, customer notes and pawn notes to forfeit items screen

Ability to view/edit a pawn from forfeit items screen



Version 1.2.11

Ability to view/edit a pawn from the forfeit items screen

Layaway payment statement

Batch printing of inventory labels

Jewelry Size/Length is now free form data entry

Added customer's phone number to checkout receipt

Printed police report



Version 1.2.10

Employee time clock and timecard report

Police Hold / Confiscations

Support for document scanning

Cash summary for cash drawer report



Version 1.2.9

Cash In/Out screen, now can choose account type for Cash-In

Fixed webcam when two cameras are installed

Printing pawn/buy labels, now can enter a quantity to print

Fixed scanning a Florida State ID

Cosmetic changes to left navigation bar



Version 1.2.8

Freeform Stone Weight

Restore Data to Training Mode



Version 1.2.7

Inventory search can filter by active items.

Ability to edit release date on Buys



Version 1.2.6

Quicker splash screen when launching

Option to ask to print a check-out receipt

Close all tabs button on tools bar

New columns and save layout on inventory search screen

Column chooser on inventory search screen

Check-out screen resizes correctly

Enhancements to previous pawn items screen including a column chooser



Version 1.2.5

Add a customer as a source for a firearm

Pawn payment receipts implemented

Quick checkout for Pawns & Buys

Ability to set a special promotional pickup charge

Customer Alerts

Clone Inventory

Delete Inventory

Start Tab

Crop images

Pawn Item List

Add a previous pawned item from any customer

Previous pawned Items now include photos

New Theme

Biometric Login

Text Messaging

Self Updating

Signature Pad

New Display Themes

2” x 2” Label Printing

Full Page Layaway Receipt

Full Page Checkout Receipt

Shop Analysis Tool

Print E-4473

Gunbook Enhancements

Lost Ticket Fee

Gun Processing Fee

Smart Barcode Scanner



PawnSnap End User License Agreement